Farm Equipment of Yesteryear with Doug Ohman

Step back in time to when the family farm was one of the cornerstones of American agriculture. On Monday, April 10th at 7 pm at the Houston Public Library, author and photographer Doug Ohman will take you on a visual tour of older farming equipment that has become obsolete in the modern age. His pictures and stories will be enjoyed by all those who remember their youth growing up in rural America. Doug Ohman is a popular speaker, storyteller, and photographer with strong roots in Minnesota. His popular Minnesota Byways series of six books contains images of Minnesota’s natural beauty and its rich history. His work has been widely published in magazine and calendars as well. Doug tells the stories behind his pictures with humor and insight, making the photos come to life for his audience. He also tells the story of how he combined his passion for history and his love of photography into a successful career. This event was made possible through the SELCO Winter Author Tour, funded in part by the MInnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.