StoryWalk: Owl Moon

In celebration of the 15th Annual International Festival of Owls on March 3rd through 5th, the Houston Public Library is hosting our 2nd official StoryWalk, this time featuring “Owl Moon” written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by John Schoenherr.

What in the world is a StoryWalk? Well, imagine you and your kids are walking around downtown Houston and all along the way you keep coming across pages from a children’s picture book mounted in the windows of local businesses.  Before you know it, you’re reading a story as you go!  The concept of a StoryWalk was developed in 2007 by Anne Ferguson of Montpellier, Vermont, with the goal of “combining three critical elements for overall family health:  early literacy learning, family engagement outdoors, and physical activity.”

Our StoryWalk begins on the front door of the Houston Public Library, crosses over Sherman Street to the International Owl Center, heads around the corner and over to Maple Street, turns onto Grant, then finishes back up on Cedar Street — so basically a trip around Houston’s busiest commercial block.  As the pages of “Owl Moon” are prominently displayed in front windows and doors and are clearly visible from the sidewalk, you can go about your own StoryWalk at any time of day or night!

Have fun on your StoryWalk– and don’t forget to support Houston’s local businesses that are making this event possible. Questions?  Call the library at 507-896-READ!