Update on Library Services

Just a quick update to our patrons:  the Houston Public Library remains closed for the duration of the extended Stay-At-Home order from Governor, Walz, that is until May 4th.  While we would love to reopen curbside pick-up to serve members of our community who are self-isolating at home, staff and the library board are settling on erring on the side of caution, after much discussion. 

Current scientific studies indicate that the coronavirus can live up to 24 hours on paper and 3 days on plastic, which covers the bulk of the books and dvds in library collections system-wide.  The coming few weeks will be critical in determining the number of cases we can expect here in Minnesota before the curve begins to flatten, as well as the severity of the infection in our population.  Our little library wishes to be part of the solution in stopping this pandemic, not part of the problem in potentially transmitting it through library materials–  and for that reason, will revisit curbside service options in the near future.

In the meantime, please take advantage of SELCO’s digital library collection.  You can access ebooks and audiobooks at meet.libbyapp.com using your 13 digit library card number and your PIN.  In addition, remember that our wifi is available 24/7 from the security of your car in our parking lot.  Feel free to contact us by phone at 896-7323, by email at hpublib@gmail.com, or via a message on our Facebook page if you have any questions.   By the way, Beth and I miss you all and we look forward to seeing and serving you as soon as possible.  Fingers crossed!  In the meantime:  Stay informed, stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy, everyone.